As officers of the Court, Placement Officers are responsible for supervising Wards of the Court whose care has been vested by the Court with the Probation Department. These juveniles reside in out-of-home placement including; group homes, foster homes, relative placements, and non-related extended family placements. In addition to ensuring that the orders of the Court are followed, Placement Officers are responsible for adhering to state and federal policies and procedures.

Within the placement unit there are Probation Officers assigned to specialized caseloads in collaboration with Kern County Mental Health, Kern County Public Health, the Department of Human Services and Foster Care Agencies. These provide extensive services from numerous agencies for at risk youth to reduce hospitalizations, out of home placement, further involvement with the Juvenile Justice System and mental health crisis.

In addition these programs promote placement with intensive in-home mental health services and out of home placement which facilitate eventual reunification for the youth with family members.