Prop 36


Adult Supervision Officers assigned to the Proposition 36 unit supervise probationers who have been convicted of felony and misdemeanor crimes involving drug possession or being under the influence of controlled substances. Each of the probationers are placed on formal probation and ordered to complete a program of substance abuse treatment pursuant to Penal Code Section 1210.1(a), which became effective July 1, 2001. The unit is augmented by the use of criminal justice interns who perform functions similar to that of a Supervision Officer. California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC) Students also monitor the performance of probationers in treatment on a weekly basis.

Probation Officers initiate court action when terms of probation are violated, however, the primary emphasis of the Proposition 36 Officer is directed toward helping the probationer achieve sobriety and obtain employment, thereby becoming a productive member of the community.