Message from the Chief

TR MerickelChiefKuge_Two

Chief Probation Officer

The Kern County Probation Department was created over 100 years ago with a distinguished record of being proactive in the community, having unprecedented cooperative relationships with other Public Agencies, Community Based Organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies. The hard working and dedicated sworn and non-sworn personnel are the reason for the great success the Probation Department achieved over the years. It is a pleasure for me to be part of the most honorable collection of staff this Department has ever known. I also want to thank all of my staff for the confidence and support you have shown me upon my appointment as Chief Probation Officer.

We will continue to perform our mandates and functions and face all challenges with integrity, professionalism and honor. The goals of the Probation Department to have a positive impact on the community, with our clients and in the Criminal Justice system, will remain a priority. I have every confidence in my staff that we will remain the best Probation Department in the State of California.

Thank you.

TR Merickel
Chief Probation Officer