Pathways Academy


The Pathways Academy (PA) Program is a 23 bed in-custody rehabilitation treatment program for female youth offenders. PA receives mental health services from Juvenile Probation Psychiatric Services (JPPS) and education through the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. Youth in PA participate in culturally enriched activities, sporting events, and provide community service through Community Based Organizations.

Pathways is a year commitment program which utilizes four different programs (12, 18, 24, and 36 weeks) to target at risk female youth. A 36-week program is used for older chronic repeat offenders and highly sophisticated female juvenile delinquents. The 24-week program is used to target our high-risk population and an 18-week program was designed for the moderate to high risk offender. A 12-week program is used for the younger or less criminally sophisticated youth or first-time commitments. Each in-custody phase of the program provides youth with highly structured components in the areas of socially acceptable behavior, therapeutic intervention, and life skills. The youth work details within their housing unit and the facility and have the opportunity to complete community services hours. Upon release the youth are supervised by the Aftercare unit to ensure the youth abides by the orders of the Court and to provide assistance in their continuing rehabilitation.