G.I.S.T.                                      Court and Community Schools

Aftercare                                  Contracted School Programs

Placement                               Juvenile Court Work Program/

Regional Supervision              Home Supervision


The purpose of Juvenile Supervision is to assure that juvenile probationers comply with the orders of the Juvenile Court. The primary concern is the protection of the  community as well as rehabilitation. All of these officers are trained to supervise caseloads of selected medium to high risk offenders and most are armed. All officers in these units have knowledge of intervention strategies, treatment techniques and community resources available to modify the behavior of the probationers. Evidence based programming and best practices are part of the protocol for these services.

Probationers are geographically supervised by probation officers within these units and there are specialized case loads as well. Specialized caseloads include those supervising juveniles adjudicated on graffiti charges, sexual offenses and those probationers who have reached the age of 18 who still owe restitution and/or fines.