Thad W. Kennedy

kennedybigDirector –¬†Juvenile Services

Mr. Kennedy received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree in Criminology from Fresno State University in 1994 and 1997 respectively. His career with the Kern County Probation Department began in 1997 when he was appointed a Deputy Probation Officer. Prior to employment in Kern County, Mr. Kennedy worked as a Deputy Probation Officer in Tulare County and as an Extra-Help Group Counselor in Fresno County. Since his permanent appointment in 1997, Mr. Kennedy has served as a DPO I, II, and III, Probation Supervisor, Assistant Division Director of Camp Erwin Owen, Probation Division Director of Juvenile Hall and Probation Division Director of Camp Erwin Owen. In 2011 he began serving in his current position as Probation Division Director of Kern Crossroads Facility..

Throughout his career, Mr. Kennedy has served the department in many capacities including: Adult and Juvenile Supervision, Juvenile Aftercare, Repeat Offender Prevention Program and most recently as the departmental Training Supervisor. Mr. Kennedy is an STC certified trainer in the following subjects: NIMS/SEMS Critical incident management, Terrorism, Report writing and Case Management, legal issues and teaches both Deputy Probation Officer and Juvenile Corrections Officer Core classes. Mr. Kennedy recently served as the Vice President of the Central California Training Officer’s Association (CCTOA); and is a member of several professional organizations which include: The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), California Probation and Parole Correctional Association (CPPCA), American Correctional Association (ACA) and the Kern Threat Working Group (KTWG). Mr. Kennedy was transferred to Juvenile Services in 2015.