TR Merickel

T.R. Merickel

Chief Probation Officer

Chief TR Merickel started his career with the Kern County Probation Department in 1997, working in Juvenile Hall as a Group Counselor. He was soon promoted to Deputy Probation Officer and worked in a variety of assignments including Juvenile Supervision, Investigations and Intake. He was promoted to a Probation Supervisor in 2004, working in both the Adult and Juvenile Divisions. In 2011 he was promoted to Division Director of Adult Services. The Kern County Superior Court appointed him to the Chief Probation Officer position in December of 2014.

Chief Merickel graduated summa cum laude from California State University, Bakersfield, where he earned BA degrees in both History and Religious Studies. He was a varsity wrestler for the Roadrunners and a two-time Pac-10 All-Academic team selection.

While a supervisor Chief Merickel became an expert in sentencing and case law and worked closely with the Courts to address numerous changes in the law. He also oversaw the implementation of an evidence-based assessment tool, the SRNA (Static Risk and Needs Assessment), for the Adult Division.

As a Division Director he was instrumental in the implementation of AB 109, Criminal Justice Realignment, in Kern County. This included being a member of the Community Corrections Partnership, where he helped forge connections with county and community partners to focus on community safety, alternative sanctions and proven recidivism reducing services.

During his tenure as Chief Probation Officer, Chief Merickel looks to build upon the progress made in the areas of evidence-based practices, effective treatment options, technology efficiencies and performance driven policies, to reduce recidivism while ensuring public safety in Kern County.