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Probation Auxiliary County of Kern (P.A.C.K.)

Probation Auxiliary County of Kern (P.A.C.K.) is a non-profit corporation chartered in October, 1976. P.A.C.K. is an organization that assists youth in the Juvenile Justice system and those at-risk. It is endorsed by the Superior Court Judges of Kern County, the Kern County Probation Department, and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission. P.A.C.K.’s mission is to provide support and services with the Probation Department, enabling people to become responsible citizens. P.A.C.K. provides materials and services not included in the tax-supported budget for Juvenile Services. These include educational, recreational, and personal necessities for juveniles. Specialized programs include the “Take Away Tattoos” where gang related tattoos are removed, the “I’m Thumbody” program designed for second graders to build self esteem and the Teen Parenting program, a daylong workshop offering information about responsible parenting. Supportive services for incarcerated youth and for at risk youth in need are also provided. P.A.C.K.’s goal is to provide resources and materials to help youth understand themselves, the world around them, and to encourage them to be the best they can be.

P.A.C.K. Who and What We Are (PDF)

PACK Board of Directors 2016

    • Elaine Moore, President


    • Lorri Kilby, Secretary


    • Art Davis, Treasurer


    • Glenn Allen


    • Shell Beach


    • Francis Moore


    • Shaun Romans


    • Nora Royer


    • Ryan Wegis


    Jeanette Rogers Erickson (EMERITUS)

Take Away Tattoos

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Probation Auxiliary County of Kern (P.A.C.K.)