Probation Changes Due to COVID-19

Important information regarding changes in procedures at Juvenile Hall, the Pathways Academy, the Kern Crossroads Facility, and Camp Erwin Owen:

Kern County Probation youth detention facilities have modified operating procedures in response to Covid-19. The following changes are considered temporary and will be repealed on the advice of public health officials when appropriate. Furthermore, the following information applies to all Kern County Probation youth facilities including Juvenile Hall, Camp Erwin Owen, Kern Crossroads and the Pathways Academy. All youth entering Juvenile Hall will be screened prior to booking. If there are symptoms or concerns related to COVID-19, medical clearance from Kern Medical is required before custody of a youth is accepted. The Probation Department, in conjunction with Kern Medical and Public Health, has implemented testing and quarantine protocols and will provide personal protective equipment for any youth who shows symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, or has tested positive for COVID-19. In-person visiting is allowed at all facilities with safety modifications in place to protect youth from the possibility of contracting COVID-19 and to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone. Facility specific visitation questions should be directed to the facilities through the phone numbers listed below. Letters continue to be accepted at all facilities via US Mail or in-person lobby drop offs. Additionally, youth continue to be allowed to write letters and the Probation Department is providing the postage for all letters. Phone calls home are still allowed and encouraged, and some cost-free call options are being made available to youth as well. The Probation Department has implemented technology related visiting options to increase communication with loved ones.

In addition to these temporary changes, the Probation Department has implemented other measures to ensure the safety of youth and staff in our facilities. Cleaning and sanitizing remain a priority and all common areas are cleaned daily, at minimum. All personnel complete health screenings prior to reporting to their duty stations. Probation staff continues to work closely with on-site Kern Medical staff to monitor the health of all youth in custody. The community can remain confident that Probation Department staff continue to take their professional responsibilities seriously and show up to work every day with public safety and the best interests of others in mind.

Should you have questions, please contact the facilities directly:
Juvenile Hall: (661) 868-4323
Camp Erwin Owen: (760) 376-8500
Kern Crossroads Facility: (661) 391-2200